NAIC’s Executive Committee met at NAIC’s annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky on August 16 and 17, 2014. The Executive Committee furthered its action on reserve requirements for captive reinsurers (as reported here last year) and adopted the “XXX/AXXX Reinsurance Framework” which will guide development of proposed regulatory changes to the types of assets and securities required to meet statutory reserve requirements.

Arising from worries about potentially abusive use of captives creating a “shadow insurance industry (as reported here in 2012), the framework would, among other things, require ceding companies to disclose the assets backing their risk-based-capital (RBC) computations.

As noted in the Principle-Based Reserving (PBR) Implementation (EX) Task Force’s report to the Executive (EX) Committee, the framework:

  • addresses concerns regarding reserve financing transactions without encouraging such transactions to move off-shore. The changes would be prospective and apply to XXX term life insurance business and AXXX universal life with secondary guarantees.
  • requires the ceding company to collateralize a portion of the total statutory reserves with hard assets such as cash and securities, collateralize the remainder with other assets and forms of security identified as acceptable by regulators, disclose the assets and securities used; and hold an RBC cushion as required for other business.
  • will be codified through the Credit for Reinsurance Model Law, with the creation of a new model regulation.

The PBR subcommittee’s report is based on the June 4 Rector & Associates, Inc. report’s recommendations (a copy of which is available on the PBR taskforce’s website:

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