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Our Special Focus articles expand on the normal size posts in Reinsurance Focus to provide detail on hot topics in the fields of reinsurance and arbitration.

Credit for Reinsurance Laws – 2015 Legislative and Regulatory DevelopmentsSP new

Summary: A summary of activity by state legislatures and state insurance departments with respect to credit for reinsurance laws and regulations during the first half of 2015. The majority of these legislative and regulatory developments reflect states seeking to modernize their reinsurance laws and adopt the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (“NAIC”) Credit for Reinsurance Model Law. (posted June 16, 2015)


The Honorable Engagement ProvisionSP new

Summary: A discussion of a Court of Appeals opinion which gives practical effect to the honorable engagement provision of a reinsurance agreement. (posted June 8, 2015)


Disclosure of Reinsurance Agreements under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26

Summary: A discussion of if and when it is appropriate and necessary to include disclosures concerning reinsurance in the initial disclosures provided pursuant to FRCP 26(a)(1)(A)(iv). (posted December 29, 2014)


Is it Still Privileged? An Insurer’s Disclosure of Information to its Reinsurers and Brokers Waives Privilege … Sometimes

Summary: A discussion of the current status of the common interest privilege doctrine applied to the disclosure of information by an insurer to its reinsurers and broker. (posted October 21, 2014)


Is SLIMPACT Losing Steam? Tennessee Switches To NIMA

Summary: A discussion of the current status of multi-state cooperation concerning surplus lines premium tax regulation. (posted May 19, 2014)


Recent Developments in the Cat Bond and Reinsurance Markets

Summary: A discussion of the significant development of the cat bond market, growing competition between the cat bond market and the traditional reinsurance market and the influx of capital into the traditional reinsurance market. (posted April 22, 2013)


NAIC Focuses on Captives and SPVs

Summary: A discussion of the work of the NAIC’s sub-group on capitves and special purpose insurance vehicles. (posted December 17, 2012)


The Benefits of Cat Bonds for Ceding Insurers

Summary: A discussion of the benefits of Cat Bonds for ceding insurers and the developing ILS market for life and annuity risks. (posted August 27, 2012)


Revisiting AT&T v. Concepcion: Can You Hear Me Now?

Summary: A discussion of opinions which distinguish the Supreme Court’s Concepcion opinion and refuse to compel arbitration. (posted April 9, 2012)


Solvency Ho! An Update on U.S. and European Solvency Initiatives

Summary: A discussion of the progress in the NAIC’s solvency initiative and the EU’s Solvency II. (posted January 16, 2012)


Leveling the Playing Field: NAIC Financial Condition (E) Committee Adopts Revisions to Credit for Reinsurance Models

Summary: A discussion of the revisions to the Credit for Reinsurance Model Law (#785) and Credit for Reinsurance Model Regulation (#786) adopted by the E Committee in September 2011, and by the full NAIC in November 2011. (posted October 4, 2011)


Prompt Notice in Reinsurance Claims

Summary: A discussion of recent opinions dealing with the different notice/prejudice rules for direct insurance and reinsurance claims, which vary from state to state. (posted September 26, 2011)

Additional Special Focus items may be found in the SPECIAL FOCUS category of this blog.


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