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Blog staff picks

Information about items of potential interest that are “in progress,” selected by the Reinsurance Focus staff.

Cat Risks

Information and links to sites with information about weather catastrophes, insurance and reinsurance for cat risks, cat bonds and alternative risk transfer vehicles for cat risks.

Regulatory Modernization

Proposals have been made by various sources for the “modernization” of the regulation of various parts of the financial services industry, which have been the subject of daily posts and Special Focus articles.  Additional information is available about the following topics, which may affect the reinsurance industry:

  • NAIC Proposals;
  • Proposed Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Regulatory Reform Act; and
  • Obama Administration proposals


Carlton Fields Jorden Burt’s Reinsurance Industry attorneys produce occasional webinars covering selected topics of interest in the reinsurance area. Subscribers will be provided invitations to these webinars.  The initial webinar adressed federal and NAIC proposals for the regulation of various aspects of the business of reinsurance.

Other topics

Information about other topics and important court opinions may be added to the Subscribers Only area of this blog from time to time.


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