A lender defendant successfully moved for the dismissal of a putative class action centered on residential mortgages acquired through National City Mortgage (“National City”). Plaintiffs allege that National City and its reinsurer National City Mortgage Insurance Company conspired with private mortgage insurers to create a “captive reinsurance scheme.” This scheme, with primary insurers paying NCMIC a portion of insurance premiums for the assumption of risk, circumvented the kickback prohibitions of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. These insurance premium payments were allegedly made by the primary insurers for the referral of business. Plaintiffs alleged they were entitled to equitable tolling. The Court rejected this argument holding that the amended complaint contained only general allegations of an agreement between the defendants and contained no tolling date. Plaintiffs also failed to show “an affirmative act of concealment by each defendant.” The Court declined to exercise jurisdiction over a state-law claim for unjust enrichment. White v. PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., Case No. 2:11-cv-07928-LS (USDC E.D. Pa. June, 4, 2013).

This post written by Brian Perryman.

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