Rulings with respect to indictment relating to allegedly fraudulent reinsurance transaction

A US District Court has denied motions to dismiss an indictment of six former officers of General Reinsurance Corp. and American International Group, which alleged that the two companies engaged in a fraudulent reinsurance transaction, which had the effect of boosting AIG's loss reserve for the fourth quarter of 2000 by $250 million, and by $250 in the first quarter of 2001. The transaction was allegedly entered into shortly after AIG reported that its year 2000 third quarter loss reserves declined $59 million from the previous quarter, after which AIG's stock price decreased. United States v. Ferguson, Case No. 3:06CR137 (D. Conn. Jan. 24, 2007). The decision disposed of ten different motions, which attacked the indictment and sought discovery.


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