An Illinois circuit court entered an agreed order of rehabilitation against a reinsurer, Millers Classified Insurance Company, following a complaint for rehabilitation filed by the Illinois Department of Insurance. Millers Classified’s board of directors had passed a corporate resolution on December 16, 2014 agreeing to the entry of the order of rehabilitation. The effect of the order was to create an estate comprising of all of the company’s assets and liabilities to be managed by an appointed rehabilitator. The order specifically allowed all policies where Millers Classified was the ceding company to remain in place subject to further review. All policies where Millers Classified was the assuming or retrocessional reinsurer were cancelled on a cut-off basis effective upon the order’s entry. State of Illinois ex. rel. Stephens v. Millers Classified Insurance Co., Case No. 2015CH (Ill. Cir. Ct. Jan. 20, 2015).

This post written by Leonor Lagomasino.

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